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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Swapping Couples Story

Over the weekend, we headed over to FLC4U's home for a few of days of relaxation. There were, of course, other activities planned, as well.

We had originally met FLC4U at their party in Songtan about four months ago, hung out with them again at our party over Chuseok, then roomed with them at the Halloween party. It seemed we were becoming quite an item.

There was, however, something we didn't understand about FLC4U: their profile explicitly states that they are not looking for full-swap couples, but they seemed to be enjoying our company a lot. In fact, I think we let them down over Halloween because they wanted to room with us in order to "share."

G from FLC4U likes Abby's curves and personality (and, I'm sure, the number and intensity of her orgasms) and C likes cuddly teddy bears. It seems we were the ones to break the "no swapping" rule, so we went this last weekend to help them with that.

We're not really strong swappers. I've said previously that I don't generally find other women interesting and kind of lose my "steam" when we get down to the moment, but I let FLC4U know this and agreed to try yet again. C is cute and curvy, so I figured I could get over my inhibitions with her.

The first night we didn't swap, though. We went out to eat kalbi and have a few drinks at a great pirate bar, then went home to play around on their bed.

At this point, I think I should comment on their apartment. They have a great place with two large bedrooms and a rooftop all to themselves. Their fridge is always overflowing with stuff we can't find out here in nowheresville and their hospitality makes us feel embarrassingly pampered.

Anyway, the first night the girls did a little kissing and such, but we still ended up in a same-room sex situation with not much contact between them. We feel very comfortable with FLC4U and enjoy their company very much, so not jumping into a big pile wasn't a result of feeling uncomfortable -- it just didn't happen the way we planned.

As usual, Abby came several times, but I didn't orgasm in the group setting. I guess I get a little gun-shy. After we went to separate bedrooms, though, Abby and I took care of that. The volume of come was amazing. I just kept shooting and shooting, covering Abby's chest and mouth, with lines of white extending to her hairline. I'm lucky I didn't put an eye out with the thing, and I somehow avoided getting anything up her nose, as well.

The second day was a lazy, lay-around event. G cooked up a fine breakfast for us and then we sat around talking until about two, when FLC4U disappeared into the bedroom for a nap and we took showers. I played with the X-Box for a while, but eventually got bored and horny, so asked Abby to give me a blowjob in the living room. G came out of their bedroom to walk the dog, so we ducked into our bedroom to finish up. He came back sometime in the middle to the sound of moans and screams. He he. Poor guy.

When C woke up to find out that we had gone on without her, she was upset and disappointed, so we agreed to stay another night and rush home on Monday morning. C was so excited to have her "Abby time" that she was jumping up and down.

After some Outback Steakhouse and 3-4 drinks each, we went back to their place and spent the next half hour swapping information about dos and don'ts for each of the group. The partner was the one who described the process of bringing the other to orgasm. That worked pretty well and we learned that C is a lot less sensitive than Abby is and can be squeezed a little harder.

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Swinger said...

Good to hear about establishing the rules, once you do that, typically the night turns into an all out sex fest. I try to stay with the soft swap too, but you never know.