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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Just the female now! Bi Females Wanted!

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We are a new cpl both divorced, wanting to enjoy life and experience new things. He is straight, I am bi want to make his fantasies come true, I have been with other women, neither of us have swapped but want to experience it! We both have very high sex drives, she is a squirter n he can make sure u get off several time before he does!!

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Monday, April 11, 2011

How to Start Swinging? (Part I )

Many find the swinging lifestyle by accident. Through some self thoughts begin to look into it. Some point or another brings it to the attention of the partner if there is one. If the interest is sparked they will continue learning. That speed varies, no one can be pushed. Sometimes it will start out as little things voyeurism, and exhibition, and reading stories, watching porn, going into cams. Talking learning what they see and hear is a turn on. Working toward the goal of what they dream about, wish for, and so forth. Again some will only use this as a home turn on, never to venture out. Others will venture out some, then some of those will become full swingers. Take not that you and your partners choices to start swinging can vary below are just a few samples:

Party-houses and on-premises clubs
They say this is the easiest and best possible way to start swinging. For one it gets you out watching, observing what is going on. Along with the introduction to other swingers. All done through various parties and events. This again lets you join, or set back and watch until your ready to join in. I hear many people say this is not for them. What if the run into someone they know. Trust me...they are not wanting people to know where they are, what they are doing, so the community of swingers is like a private community. We do not go around spreading things about other people. Mainly because we do not want those things said about us. I have seen brothers and sisters come eye to eye at clubs, neither knowing about the other person. By chance they just happen to be at the same place...once out of 10 years. They are wonderful friends now, but still the rest of the family has no ideal. Again co-workers and a boss meet once, nothing was said and work went as usual. Heck once a daughter met her own father, do you think she was going to tell mom and explain what and why she was there? It is highly unlikely anyone will find out about your lifestyle of swinging.

As far as the home parties, some are really small and laid back. While others expect certain kinds of swingers to be active. many times they are not so much into the watchers, and newbies. Then again, sometimes they accept them in on a very low bases. Because homes have less room for people/couples the expectation of swinging is held high. However, again it is like clubs, you just have to try getting in, do not get discouraged, and go for the gusto, in the area that your looking for. There is never anything wrong with starting out slow.

With that said I remind people to know there are things that you do. What goes on in clubs, parties, and in the community stays in the community, it does not go outside that area. Therefore, when your walking down street and you see someone from the club you do not run up and say going to the nudist party this weekend? You have to be careful what you say where...they could be with their mother, or another person not aware of the lifestyle. You can say hi in the passing. Usually if they want to talk or feel safe they will come to you. I have had this happen...my mother with me...asking who is that...I say someone I know, let it go...or if I want to talk in a few seconds I say I will be right back, and go to them in another area, out of ear reach. Then again, they may also be with someone and can not really talk. You may have to stand nearby and just hang out looking at an outfit, in hopes they come to you. However, we all know we can be walking down the street and total strangers say hi, or strike up conversations. There is an out...as long as people remember not to be blurting out things like naked party..so forth. If they give you the brush off quickly means they just can not talk. JUST be very careful outside the walls of the parties, and so forth.

Remember, lots of people are trying the swingers lifestyle any more. This is making it a fierce competitions for places. That usually only allow a small amount of first-timers admission to such events. Another point is even if you do get in. You have to remember there are usually memberships to clubs are quite expensive. Usually what goes on inside is more activity than newbies want to be involved in. Not saying it is bad, just be prepared. Many activities can be just watched. Again if your not bi-and those woman are there, or your not wanting to participate sexually yet, you have to understand you could be approached. Normally if you say new, and observing is enough for most to move on. Some will set and chat. Again...be prepared and not so shocked by that way out stuff does not make you run away.

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Who Should Swing?

There are no set limits about a person or couple that can join the swinging community. However, the majority of the swingers in this community are established couples who are married, or at least know something about each other for some time, and having a strong bond. A strong bond means that you can trust each other, believe, and know they are doing things to enhance the relationship your in. When someone reaches out, cheats, or does things that turn more into just trying to make the fun all about them, it causes issues and problems. This is not just between the two people, but shows up in the swingers community. There is no one excluded, including singles. Anyone can be a swinger. There are no real limits or rules for couples or individuals who wish to enter into swinging lifestyles.

However, please note that those rude, stalkers, and other so called trouble makers and so forth, will be ignored quickly, finding no way to break into the real swinging world. THIS IS A HINT; if your having problems getting in, it means you might have to take a look at what your doing wrong. There is some edquitate that people of all walks of life should follow. Single people usually have a tougher time working into the swinging lifestyle. It can be done.

It is recommended for those couples who wish to enter into a swinging lifestyle to have a strong bond. Your relationship should be founded on mutual respect and trust. It is very true to say that many couples find the thought of having sex with other people to be very attractive and sensual. Also if your a single person you must have respect of others, and understand that your not always going to be included.

What everyone is after is the final results. Which is where each person/couple will find a swinging form. Where they are able to channel in enhancing their own sex lives and primary relationships. Then there is another way to look at swinging. If you or your partner are uncomfortable with people being sexually attracted and/or flirting. Perhaps, you both have hidden agendas in your relationship with one another then swinging is not suitable for both of you.

The whole concept of swinging is built on communication. If anyone, you and or you and your partner can not have an open conversation about each others feelings. Specially those towards other relationship problems. Along with you conversing about sex and anything related to it. Then swinging would only complicate your thoughts, and your relationship. It would then be better for both of you to wait a little while before entering into such “lifestyle”.

This is a lifestyle, where it is made to enhance, make people and couples be able to enjoy each other more, along with filling some of the dreams, and fantasies they may have and the partner is not able to fill totally. One would be again like bondage, or perhaps a threesome-after all it takes three people. AGAIN the main part, the glue that holds it all together is the communication.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Cheating vs Swinging

Cheating vs Swinging
Although many vanillas do not understand this concept, anyone in the lifestyle will tell you that swinging is not cheating. While swinging fits under the category of extra-martial sex, it cannot be considered cheating because the extra-martial sex is consensual. By definition, true cheating involves deception. Just like Trina Decker explained, "when it comes to the lifestyle, everything is "on the table."

However, we have heard of lifestyle couples who say that they resorted to swinging in order to keep themselves from cheating, and we are torn as to whether this a healthy situation. We suppose there is no problem with this if both parties sincerely believe that their souls are not intended to be monogamous, but it's best to realize this prior to getting married.

On the other hand, we also know of some people who are genuinely aroused by the clandestine nature of cheating. For example, one blogger appropriately known as Ms. Inconspicuous enjoys writing about the erotic qualities of infidelity. For people such as her, the lifestyle would probably not curb her behavior. Honest swinging might be fun for her, but it wouldn't provide quite the same naughty thrill as meeting men on the down low.

A better example would be Michelle Ormond, a Denver-area lady also known as the "Pass-Around Girl." Back in the early 2000's, she was involved in a live-in triad with her legal husband Dennis and well-known porn star Bisexual Britni, and we met the three of them at several swing parties around town. Even though Dennis did not have an issue with Michelle fucking other men, even without him being present, Michelle could not resist the urge to carry on numerous affairs and lie about it in order to keep them secret. She was eventually diagnosed with sexual addiction.

Frankly, we believe that people who have healthy, satisfying relationships prior to entering the lifestyle ultimately make the best swingers.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Invited to a Party

swingers party
We recently and finally got invited to a party. Somehow and somewhere the sex gods let us be a guest. We've had a few parties and no one ever asked us to one. Apparently the clean sheets, new towels, candles, five star food and bar weren't enough. Well, maybe it was because my husband has a large growth and frequently requires rescue from public situations. He is shy in front of crowds or groups greater than 5 million and has anxiety attacks at the thought of making love with a woman that desires him. But if you kiss him and give him your attention he'll make love, screw you silly, and invite you to sleep with him and go shoe shopping in the morning! Hey, that's how he got me and I'm sharing.

I and we know that it is of chance in this crazy lifestyle to be welcomed to a true party. This wasn't a meet and greet but a thoughtful invitation that we were included. In fact we were invited to a small party of people we have never met and from couples that were a lot younger than us. We talked on the telephone (how refreshing) before the day and couldn't wait! It wasn't about youth or young fantastical bodies, it was about swinging and some understanding that we had already agreed upon in our ageof understanding.

Well before I talk of the sex...these were the most secure and sexually mature couples we have met. Young but wickedly bright and open. Where and the heck does that come from? These are the kids we complain about for a lack of accountability! Not the case here! These were youthful and young people that had a grasp on responsibility and good at it. They also shared something that is sacred. They were uninhibited and shared sex. Not like the 60's and 70's, but with a connection. They really got it! They are swingers and and not sold on NSA as a caveat. They are willing to experiment and take it a step further. Why do I say this?

We went to a small gathering and met two couples. This is a nice way to live the lifestyle. There was no dinner, no broken dates, just an assumption of pleasure and trust. They are the most refreshing, fun, young, and sexual couple we have ever met. They are a hoot without the sex. While we have stories of sexual pleasure and blog of the pitfalls of couples dating, I finally get to write about satisfaction with a name.

I think it is very hard for couples to connect. It is hard for singles! While we have no connection with them in a comfortable in love couples sense (but it would be nice)...they are wickedly mature and take their sex with passion. Not from the lifestyle but from inside. This is the bridge that cannot be defined between fantasy and a desire for stepping out. Where am I heading with this?

He fucked me. He smelled my perfume, my sex, my juices. He made me leave my control for my spasms. I was open to him for hours of pleasure and his penetration and release. She was beautiful to look at and more attractive when she took my husband and completed his desire. Her hair was like her youth...long and full. She moved it aside so my husband could see her eyes while she sucked him and accepted him in her. She spread her legs and let him take her sex on him and open her sexual cunt to him.

Not far apart in distance and at the same time she gave herself completely. I did the same. I took his penetration and sex as genuine and let my orgasms come and repeat on the position, his thrusting, and until I could take no more and still wanted more. My husband fell in love with her tenderness and sex. He found his way inside her and tried to save his release. He couldn't resist her sex and his desire and wanted to share what came from inside. It was for her and what she had made impossible for him to hold, his cum, his cream, that wonderful cream that comes from inside and very personal. She shared that personal moment. She gave him her sex and offered it when he was ready. She kissed him, she put her arm around him, and she gave her desires completely! Twenty minutes later they were connected again like dogs that couldn't be separated. Okay, I think he had it bad for her...she was way too cute and he was cunted by her!

I am so pleased and happy to write about a couple, the lifestyle and telling a story that hopefully we can all relate to and hope for!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Swingers Discretion

swingers discretion

I received an email from a very irate black gentleman today. He read our profile and saw our bling and read my earlier blog and apparently we angered him. I replied to him pretty much the same as I will write here, but it got me thinking. After searching other blogs I found that his stance was not uncommon.

Anyways, the gist of the email was why we wanted black men to fuck my wife behind closed doors but "we aren't good enough for dating or getting married".

Well first off, she's already married...to me. She fell in love with me, and I fell in love with her. We got married. We devoted our hearts to each other. I live for my wife's happiness.

Secondly, the laws in the US prevent people from being married to multiple partners.

Next, she has dated people of all races in the past, as have I...yes...publically dated...with all the benefits and pitfalls (because of assholes in society) that it had to offer. Whoopee for us, right. Nah...no big deal. It's just the fact that this gentleman figured he had us pegged for something and I want to dispute it.

See, my wife and I are swingers. We swing...we like to enjoy sex and enjoy it with others. We're open minded like that. We swing with other couples, other women, and other men. What we REALLY like is to play the interracial hotwife/cuckold lifestyle. I say play because we don't live it 24/7.

Because of our job and families, we rely heavily on discretion. "Lady in the streets, freak in the sheets". We don't go out and publically testify to our swinging lifestyle, why do we need to publically display the cuckold/hotwife lifestyle?

So please...don't be offended, however don't think I really give a crap if you are. It's our lives and our business. If we invite you into it, the first thing we ask is for discretion and respect. If you can't give us that, then we don't play. We give it, we expect it in return.

In conclusion, we're here to enjoy ourselves and have fun. Aren't you?

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Swapping Couples Story

Over the weekend, we headed over to FLC4U's home for a few of days of relaxation. There were, of course, other activities planned, as well.

We had originally met FLC4U at their party in Songtan about four months ago, hung out with them again at our party over Chuseok, then roomed with them at the Halloween party. It seemed we were becoming quite an item.

There was, however, something we didn't understand about FLC4U: their profile explicitly states that they are not looking for full-swap couples, but they seemed to be enjoying our company a lot. In fact, I think we let them down over Halloween because they wanted to room with us in order to "share."

G from FLC4U likes Abby's curves and personality (and, I'm sure, the number and intensity of her orgasms) and C likes cuddly teddy bears. It seems we were the ones to break the "no swapping" rule, so we went this last weekend to help them with that.

We're not really strong swappers. I've said previously that I don't generally find other women interesting and kind of lose my "steam" when we get down to the moment, but I let FLC4U know this and agreed to try yet again. C is cute and curvy, so I figured I could get over my inhibitions with her.

The first night we didn't swap, though. We went out to eat kalbi and have a few drinks at a great pirate bar, then went home to play around on their bed.

At this point, I think I should comment on their apartment. They have a great place with two large bedrooms and a rooftop all to themselves. Their fridge is always overflowing with stuff we can't find out here in nowheresville and their hospitality makes us feel embarrassingly pampered.

Anyway, the first night the girls did a little kissing and such, but we still ended up in a same-room sex situation with not much contact between them. We feel very comfortable with FLC4U and enjoy their company very much, so not jumping into a big pile wasn't a result of feeling uncomfortable -- it just didn't happen the way we planned.

As usual, Abby came several times, but I didn't orgasm in the group setting. I guess I get a little gun-shy. After we went to separate bedrooms, though, Abby and I took care of that. The volume of come was amazing. I just kept shooting and shooting, covering Abby's chest and mouth, with lines of white extending to her hairline. I'm lucky I didn't put an eye out with the thing, and I somehow avoided getting anything up her nose, as well.

The second day was a lazy, lay-around event. G cooked up a fine breakfast for us and then we sat around talking until about two, when FLC4U disappeared into the bedroom for a nap and we took showers. I played with the X-Box for a while, but eventually got bored and horny, so asked Abby to give me a blowjob in the living room. G came out of their bedroom to walk the dog, so we ducked into our bedroom to finish up. He came back sometime in the middle to the sound of moans and screams. He he. Poor guy.

When C woke up to find out that we had gone on without her, she was upset and disappointed, so we agreed to stay another night and rush home on Monday morning. C was so excited to have her "Abby time" that she was jumping up and down.

After some Outback Steakhouse and 3-4 drinks each, we went back to their place and spent the next half hour swapping information about dos and don'ts for each of the group. The partner was the one who described the process of bringing the other to orgasm. That worked pretty well and we learned that C is a lot less sensitive than Abby is and can be squeezed a little harder.